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THE display of vehicles-for-sale is now prohibited along roads in the city.

The City Council last Monday approved on third reading Ordinance 15 series of 2011 "banning parking and displaying of all motor vehicles marked for sale" along any road in the city.

Violators will face penalty consisting of fines ranging from P1,000 to P5,000.

Even owners of cars with "for sale" marks or other words with the same effect who would park only for a short time along any road will not be spared as agreed upon by the body.

Authored by Councilor Fred Bagbagen, the measure intends to stop the practice of some residents to display their cars with for sale marks along roads for long periods and has become an eyesore.

"It is observed that buying and selling of second hand or used motor vehicles is an unregistered business practice in the city," Bagbagen noted.

"Since Baguio City is a center of commerce, even people engaged in buying and selling business of motor vehicles from the nearby BLISTT area come to display and park their motor vehicles in the thoroughfares of Baguio City for an appreciable length of time thereby depriving other motorists of parking space," he said.

He said this results in serious traffic problems as other motorists are forced to resort to double-parking.

"If ever the practice of using roads as display areas for business is illegal as roads are beyond the commerce of man," he said.

As per the ordinance, "all motor vehicles marked or tagged with the phrase 'for sale' or in any phrase or words in circumvention hereof depicting the same meaning as to effect sale or swap and any act of disguise to confound detection by authorities shall not be allowed at any time to park the same on all roads of the city."

The city police is tasked to implement the measure and to strictly monitor roads for said violation

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